about us

FUERTEVENTURA in Global Alliance for West África Development (AFRIMAC) is an initiative of the Island Council of Fuerteventura, in collaboration wiht different entrepises, international organizations, governments and social organizations. AFRIMAC participates and collaborates in the global strategy and works with the highest international institutions in the development of West African countries. It also works together to achieve certain objectives in order to position the island in an international environment in terms of business and cooperation development. This project is intended to become a knowledge transfer platform for West Africa. To this end, it seeks to participate in global alliances developed by several international organizations.


We present you the AFRIMAC magazine, “Territorial Cooperation and International Development with Africa”. In it, you will be able to know the main activities in which AFRIMAC has participated during these last years, as well as the projects in which it is embarked and some of its allies in this purpose of bringing Africa and the Canary Islands closer together. Click on the image to download it!